Better Friends than Mountains

frontier alliance international


“We have no friends
but the mountains.”

— Kurdish proverb


Frontier Alliance International (FAI) is calling for a gathering of prayer, advocacy, and strategic relationship building in the capital of the United States of America. To read the Press Release by Dalton Thomas, click here.

The Kurdish people have better friends than mountains. It’s time for us to show them. 

Join us.


Grand Hyatt Hotel*
Constitution Ballroom
1000 H St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
Sunday, October 27th, 2019
Event Time: 7:00 pm - Doors open at 6:00 pm

*This is not the venue that was first announced. Find out more here.


For one hundred years, the Kurdish people have endured betrayal, marginalization, and genocide. Divided in their own homeland across four nations, the Kurds have survived generations of war and upheaval in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. Besides Israel, the Kurds have also proven to be the most reliable, resourceful, and effective partners against radical Islam in the Middle East. Where they can govern themselves, the Kurds have consistently modeled principles of tolerance, equality, and moderation.

Today, the Kurds find themselves increasingly isolated; the United States is gradually disengaging from the region, the chaos of sectarianism has spread across Syria and Iraq, and radical regimes in Iran and Turkey are turning Kurdish borderlands into war zones. In 2017, Iranian-backed militias attacked the Kurds in Iraq, and the world did nothing to stop them. In 2018, Turkish-backed militias abused and displaced Kurdish civilians in northwest Syria—and the world simply looked on. Every year, the Iranian regime carries out atrocities against the Kurds without opposition or protest from the international community. Now in 2019, the Kurds in northeast Syria find themselves standing alone in the face of another Turkish invasion. Once again, the old Kurdish proverb rings true: “The Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”

The historical continuum of the persecution and subjugation of the Kurdish people are a stain on the pages of history. Radical ayatollahs and Islamist dictators will not change course in their unrelenting hatred of the Kurdish people. We must change course to show unrelenting solidarity with our Kurdish allies. The opportunities presented in this unique moment in history can and must be the foundation for a redemptive future for the Kurdish people, and a flourishing alliance to navigate and lead the emerging Middle East.


The Night of Prayer will focus on four primary objectives:

  1. Public unity in prayer and support for the Kurdish people

  2. Concerted prayer for American and global leaders concerning the future of the Kurdish people

  3. Strategic relationship building between individuals, ministries, organizations, and entities that share concern for the Kurdish people

  4. The thoughtful presentation and consideration of the challenges and opportunities the Kurds and their friends now face in the Middle East


Frontier Alliance International (FAI) will be hosting the event with a coalition of co-sponsoring ministries. For the past eight years, FAI has been directly engaged with the Kurds on the ground in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Our aim is to foster strategic relationships for the acceleration of redemptive initiatives in the region that can serve as a foundation for hope and healing amidst the increasing threat of jihad and genocide.

A list of speakers, prayer leaders, and worship leaders will be announced a few days before the event.

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